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In this video, I will show how to secure your contact form with Google reCapture v3 on ASP.NET MVC.

The video shows step by step guide of

  • Creating a new instance of reCapture key in Google admin console;
  • generating the token on the contact form;
  • submitting token to the server for validation.

This tutorial using reCapture v3 which does not require a user to do anything, but instead Google monitors the user’s activity on the website and gives a score from 0.0 to 1.0 to identify if the interaction with the form was done most likely by a bot or human. This new way of using reCapture makes the life of the user much easy and at the same time provides excellent security for your submission forms.

Source code for this video is available on Github:

Source code: Google reCapture v3 with ASP.NET MVC