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Yaplex IT Consulting

Yaplex is a Canadian IT Consulting firm where you can find a top software developer for your project. At Yaplex we focused on developing high-quality solutions for North American enterprise clients.

Hire .NET Developer Alex for your project. Top .NET Developer!

Alex is a top IT Consultant at Yaplex

Alex Shapovalov is a founder of Yaplex, and a full-stack software developer focused on providing high-quality software development services. Alex is a professional with over 15 years of experience in design, architecture and developing enterprise-grade applications.
Alex’s experience includes developing highly transactional e-commerce applications using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.

Alex is a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect passionate about software development, especially with agile practices. He is an expert in microservice architecture and has experience migrating monolith applications to microservices.

Alex is an expert .NET Developer who is always learning, can work to tight deadlines, and can communicate effectively with technical peers and business users.

IT Consulting services at Yaplex

At Yaplex, Alex provides various IT Consulting & software development services, such as ASP.NET mobile-first website development, Web API services, background workers, and cloud-first Azure development. 

.NET Development

Custom software development using the latest Microsoft .NET Core platform.

Azure development

Building native cloud applications on top of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Mobile apps development

We develop mobile apps for Android and iOS using the .NET MAUI multi-platform framework.

Custom web development

We build mobile-first websites using ASP.NET & Bootstrap frameworks.

WordPress development

We provide website development on top of the WordPress.

Machine Learning

We provide Machine Learning (ML) and data analysis services on top of the Azure Machine Learning AI services. Alex has a Machine learning certification from Stanford University.

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Hire Alex, the top IT Consultant from Yaplex!

Alex is always looking for new clients and would happily help your company. Please use the form below to ask questions or schedule an introductory call. 

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