Dependency injection design pattern

Normally when designing some parts of the application, one classes is always depends on the other classes. For example, business logic classes (BL) are depend on data access classes (DAL). This dependence can be in very different ways, for example, BL can call static methods of DAL, or create instan…

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Facebook C# SDK how to post on wall

We used Facebook C# SDKfor one of our clients to post messages on Facebook wall. The API is easy to use and understand, and in this article we are going to describe all steps to post on Facebook wall using Facebook API. Facebook provides Graph API for all features, including posting on the wall. The…

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Open new window from code behind in ASP.NET

In application I am working on I have a task: open new window from code behind code when user clicks in calendar. This is very easy task and can be done with target="_blank" property of the link. But calendar is server control so if user click on some date there is a postback to server and page ref…

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jQuery.log(), Logging plugin for jQuery

For the people who works with JavaScript, logging is very important for debugging. Before I start using Firebug plug-in for Firefox I used the alert function. It worked in all browsers, and it's easy to use. But for big application where you are working with kilobytes of JavaScript code, it's not th…

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Eval vs Bind for ASP.NET

When you start working with ASP.NET sometimes it’s difficult to understand what is the difference between Eval and Bind for data binding controls in ASP.NET. If you just need to display data on the screen from DataSource, it’s enough to use Eval. It’s something like a read-only method from DataSour…

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