SEO module for Orchard CMS: Yaplex.SEO

Yaplex.SEO is easy to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module developed for Orchard CMS.

The major features are:

  • Page title override
  • Meta Keywords field
  • Meta Description field
  • robots.txt file

The module available for download from Orchard Gallery: Yaplex.SEO in Orchard Gallery. Installation instructions available at the following location: How to install Yaplex.SEO for Orchard CMS

Easy to use

Yaplex.SEO is easy to use, just install it from Orchard Gallery and you will notice new SEO section when creating new page or editing existing page. Also you will notice robots.txt menu item on the left.


The module is free of charge.

Updates and new features

The module designed to work with Orchard CMS 1.10.x and will be updated as soon as new version of Orchard released. The new features will be available over time. I am preatty sure it will also work fine with older versions of Orchard, but it was never tested to work with versions below 1.10


Withing next couple of month the following features are planned to develop:

  • Sitemap.xml file


Do you think this module missing something? Send me a feature request or your feedback

If you found a bug , please submit it to Github issue tracker

Help & documentation

Where is the source code?

Yaplex.SEO is open source project under MIT licensee. The source code available at Yaplex.SEO Github repository


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