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Yaplex launches Invoiceify: online invoicing software

Invoiceify is a new player on online invoicing software market

Yaplex, an IT Consulting and software development company, today announced a general availability of their new product - Invoiceify an online invoicing software.

Invoiceify was created in August 2014 as a small internal invoice management software but has the potential to become a project which will be used by dozens of freelancers and small businesses. Invoiceify allows its users to manage invoices while online, where they can access reports and statistics about their customers and invoices as well as send an invoice directly to the clients. Invoiceify allows storing all invoices in Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This results in high availability and reliability of the invoicing system. Client’s data are safe and secure.

"Our product is new but it has great potential. We understand that this is a very completive market, but our goal is to create excellent online invoicing software, which stands out and attracts small businesses.", says the founder of Invoiceify, Mr. Alex Shapovalov.

"We see a need in quality online invoicing software which is affordable for freelancers and small business owners, and Invoiceify solves this need", says Mrs. Anna Grigoryan a Chef Financial Officer of Yaplex.

"According to our study, most of the freelancers and small businesses still use Microsoft Word or Excel to generate their invoices. This may work in most cases, but there are better ways to do it. For example, store invoices in the cloud, where they can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.", says Mr. Shapovalov. Invoiceify was built to fill that niche and its pricing policy helps to switch to a new way of doing invoices for free.

The Invoiceify roadmap includes development integrations and partnerships with companies such as QuickBooks, an online leader in accounting software. This should open up new doors to many QuickBooks users who are looking for a dedicated invoice management application.

About Yaplex Inc.

Yaplex was founded in December 2013 by Alex Shapovalov and Anna Grigoryan as an IT Consulting and software development company. Yaplex operates and provides software development services in Toronto, ON and in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


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Yaplex is an IT Consulting and .NET development company co-founded by .NET Developer Alex Shapovalov who lives in Mississauga and provides software development services in Toronto, Mississauga, and GTA.

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