Facebook C# SDK how to post on wall

We used Facebook C# SDKfor one of our clients to post messages on Facebook wall. The API is easy to use and understand, and in this article we are going to describe all steps to post on Facebook wall using Facebook API. Facebook provides Graph API for all features, including posting on the wall. The name of the method is "feed":


You have to send HTTP post message to the url above with the post object. The post object has the following properties:

  • picture
  • link
  • message
  • name
  • caption
  • description
  • category

and it looks like this in browser

Posting on Facebook wall with C# Facebook SDK

This example uses .NET 4, but C# Facebook SDK also support .NET 3.5.

The code is pretty easy, and the most important thing you need is Facebook Access Token. Once you have access token, you create facebook wall messageand submit it to facebook graph API url with HTTP POST request.

I used C# SDK which was available on codeplex, but it is no longer available there.


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